Friday, July 27

Quick note!

So, Sparkle Model Management is regulary getting more and more new clients. It would be too much if every single new client would be named in a new post, so we are introducing now the "News" box right here on the the side-bad. →
This way you will stay up-to-date with our newest clients, models and media partners.

Sparkle Model Management

Saturday, July 21

Our newest clients

Hello dear followers :)
I don't know if you have recently checked our clients page but there have been several additions.
HAUTE magazine and Toxic Magazine are one of them.

Anyway, here are our newest clients who have recently been added:

Click on the images to visit the blogs.

I'm glad that our clients list is getting larger and larger. Miss Magazine already ordered three of our beloved models. They are 4EverUrGirl, shancelle and cia-lynn. Congratulations!
Hopefully more of our models will get jobs very soon. Stay tuned.

Sparkle Model Management

Sunday, July 8

Catherine modeling for HAUTE Magazine!

Last Friday, Lindsey (LoveGossip4Life) released the first spoiler of her magazine called HAUTE. And guess who was modeling for this ad campaign? Catherine CĂ©rise (mathildamath), one of our Exclusive models. Congratulations on that job, Cathy!

Follow HAUTE magazine by clicking here.

Sparkle Model Management

Wednesday, July 4

New Models and Clients!

Hello dollies!

We've got great news.
The official Model list is now published! Take a look at our fabulous models in the "Models" section.
Since the re-opening of the agency, a lot of new models have been added, and they are:
  • BestDamnFreak
  • mullinsisme
  • Jody_Cailin
  • cia-lynn
  • 123Elle321
  • Sweet_gal11
 SMM has also got two new clients and they are ...

Hype Magazine

Hype Magazine is meant to feature new and fresh faces on Stardoll! Click here to visit them.
Stardoll Crown Magazine is a german fashion and lifestyle magazine. Click here to visit them.
Hopefully there will be more clients soon.

By the way, you can still apply as a model, there's still some time left. Just be sure to sign up until Wednesday, July 11. Click here to appy for a contract.

Sparkle Model Management