Tuesday, August 20

We're sparkling again!

Guess what? The renovation is over! 

Our managament is finally sparkling again and it appears in a completely new design. New banner, new logo, new color-scheme! The face of our management, Cathérine Cerise aka mathildamath, is gracing the new banner of the blog. What do you think of the banner?

Here's the photo with Cathy so you can view it in full size!

The model page will be ready as well very soon. When the application period ends on August 24th, all Exclusive models will get their pay! More details about that coming later.

So what do you all think of the blog make-over. Do you like it? Please let me know in the comments!

Rafael Grant

Sunday, August 4


Hello there!

Sparkle Model Management is currently under construction!
A new banner for the blog with our face mathildamath as well as a new logo are soon to come.

Also, almost all of our model's contracts have expired, that means most of our models will be leaving our management. At this point I want to thank all the models that have been under contract until now and I wish you all the best for your further modeling career. If you want, you can re-apply in the future. However, we will keep a few models and provide them a brand-new contract.

Exclusive models:

Conventional models:

These models will all be signed by the 5th of August, 2013. Well, as you can see we have rather few models under contract at the moment. That's why we're searching for new models!!
If you are interested in becoming a model of SMM, then click the tab "Model Applications" or click here to get linked to the application form directly.

By the way, there will be a brand-new innovative Exclusive contract!! From now on, exclusive models of SMM will get paid! They also won't be tied to the management so strictly as in the past, this means you'll be free to work with any other management.
For more information, read the "About Us" page.

Rafael Grant

Monday, July 1

New Client!

Sparkle Model Management has a new client: Rakkaus Fashion!
We are very excited about the partnership and looking forward to working together.

RK Logo

Click on the logo to visit the blog!

Sparkle Model Management

Wednesday, June 19

Model Search at Youth Magazine

Youth Magazine, a brandnew magazine, is searching for models. Nobody has applied yet, so I thought I'd share the news with my fellow models!
If you are interested - and I'm sure you are - visit the blog to read more information about how you can apply.

Tuesday, March 19

The Face

I want you to meet our face who will represent our management ... Cathérine Cerise aka mathildamath!

She will be featured in a secial ad campaign video for Spice Couture. Congratulations!

Saturday, February 16


We are still alive!
We have been quite unactive for the last few weeks. But now SMM is back again, with some big news for you all.

  • First of all, Miss Magazine is looking for models. So why don`t you go ahead and apply? It is sure a great opportunity, if you are interested then please click HERE.
  • I`m also glad to tell you that I`m gonna announce the new Face on Wednesday! She will not only represent or management, she will also be on the new banner. What do you think who will be our Face?
  • As georginamusic left SMM, I`m happy to tell you that I now have a new co-owner. Please welcome Cheekychazbo1 aka Carrie Rose

Stay tuned! Sincerely,
Rafael Grant