About Us

Sparkle Model Management (short: SMM) is a model agency on Stardoll owned by Rafi101 and georginamusic. SMM only takes fresh high fashion models under contract. Here you will get the chance to work with famous projects, magazines and fashion lines. We will try our best that every model gets as many jobs as possible. You can be sure that we will bring you the best management that is possible on Stardoll!

- Staff
- History
- Application Opportuinities
- The Contracts
- The Face Of SMM


Rafi101: Owner; responsible for model management, publicity, contracts, media partners and clients
Cheekycazbo1: Co-Owner; responsible for model management, clients and advice for models


SMM was originally known as "Sugar Modeling Agency". The agency was founded by Rafi101 and hco-hottie23 on April 21st, 2011. But the concept wasn't very inventive and it didn't have a good start. Most of the models were very commercial and the community was hardly interested in this new project. When hco-hottie23 left the agency, it had to close down.
The agency re-opened as "Sparkle Model Management" on November 7th, 2011. The new Co-Owner was georginamusic. But the business was tough, so the agency took a second break. After a second try, SMM re-opened in June 2012.
Then, in December 2012, georginamusic became unactive on Stardoll and left SMM. On February 16th, 2013, Cheekycazbo1 was announced as the new co-owner of Sparkle. Now, the management is very active and takes high fashion models with unique faces under contract.

Application Opportunities

There are of course our model scouts who search for high fashion models and ask them to become one of our models. But there are also opportunitites where you can apply for a contract at SMM. Once in a while, there will be an application form for about 4 weeks. If you fit our requirements we'll contact you that you'll be a signed model. If you don't fit into our scheme, then you are still able to work on your look and your style and maybe try it again next time.

The Contracts

  • Exclusive Contract (limited):
    - available for 12 months
    - 50sd pay for the time you're under contract
    - special modeling features for spoilers, announcements, etc.
    - opportunity to become the face of SMM
    - You are allowed to work with any other agency/project
  • Conventional Contract (regular):
    - available for 6 months
    - opportunity to get an exclusive contract if you get booked frequently
    - You are allowed to work with any other agency/project
  • Free Contract:
    - available for 3 months
    - You are allowed to work with any other agency/project

If you make it to become a signed model, you will receive the contract you've applied for. After your contract has expired, we will either lenghten it or ask you to leave - that depends on how many modeling jobs you've done. 
Note: If you didn't get a single job you will receive a free contract if you are interested.
The Face Of SMM

There's also a chance to become the face of SMM. This opportunity is only available for models with an exclusive contract. The face of SMM represents the agency, gets special modeling features in spoilers, invitations and announcements and is the first model to get picked by the clients. A new face will be picked after 6 months.
Current face of SMM: mathildamath