Tuesday, June 19

We are back!

Hello dear followers!
It's been a long time ... SMM took a long break, but then we did a make-over and now the agency is sparkling again. We've just re-opened and we are ready to take over. Dollywood get ready, here comes one of the best modeling agency!

Now we've got a little problem...
I've lost the model list. All models can re-apply if they want!
The models I've still got are:

+ mathildamath (winner of RNTM Cycle 4)

These models will be officially signed to the management on Wednesday, June 20.

Now YOU have got the chance to apply now! To find out about the opportunities, the contracts and so on, please read the "About Us" section carefully. Then click on the "Apply" tab to apply as a model, client or media partner.

Sparkle Model Management

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