Wednesday, September 26

Our Model's Jobs

It's been a while since the last post, but I'm back with some pictures of our beautiful models. The first one is Catherine Cérise aka mathildamath modeling for the RNTM Backstage Magazine. The issue isn't published yet, but the cover has already been released as a spoiler.

Mathildamath is on the cover of the RNTM Backstage Magazine.

Some of our model were also chosen to be featured in the September issue of Miss Magazine

Congratulations to mullinsisme for being the covergirl!

I know these aren't the best graphics, but it's still a little experience for the models. There will be of course more jobs, some of our clients are already choosing our models for their new projects. We're looking forward to seeing the results! Stay tuned.

All the best,


  1. I thought that I would get a new graphic for the cover, not the same graphic I got for the spoiler of the finale and for the finale :S

    And congrats for the models

    xoxo cathy

  2. Love the new Grapics! thanks for letting me be part of a great experience :D